Vernon Jaycees


Vernon is a small town in North Texas.

Population 12000.We are located 150miles west of Dallas just off HWY

                           Bike Ride

    This is the 22nd year of the                     bike ride

Bike ride starts at 7:30am 19th August 2017


Registration;- Fri August 18th 2017  6pm-7pm


Sat August 19th 2017  6am - 7.15am

4 Tours Routes,100k,38mile,22 miles,12 miles.

The start/finish is from the Vernon College car park.

To register

Contact Paul Mason,940-553-4494 (email


Rick Graf, 940-839-9200


To register online click on link in the menu bar or

the QR code below.

Please note that due to road construction the will be changes to the 62 mile route.

The 38 mile route has also been changed!!!

The new route maps have been uploaded just click on the route you want to view from the side menu.









Jaycee Creed

We believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth s great treasure lies in human personality;

And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

Vernon Burnin' bike ride results

12 mile men under 18.   38 mile men

Deandre Sim's 1st           under 18

Riley Elliot 2nd                Diante Sims 1st

Brandon Curtis 3rd          18-39

18-39 men                       Brian Barrow 1st

Cody Dunson 1st.            Brady Baker 2nd

Daren Streit 2nd.            Abraham Montalvo 3rd

40-49                               40-49

Staley Heatly 1st             Dan Lambert 1st

Cory Curtis 2nd               Randy Kendrix 2nd

50+                                  Robby Boyd 3rd

Jerry Allen 1st                 50+

Donnie James 2nd          Gerrid Kendrix 1st

12 mile Women               Gerry Rushing 2nd

Under 18                         Tim Detten 3rd

Maya Heatly 1st              60+

18-39                              Dave Schutz1st

Shonda Lawson 1st        Tommy Sadler 2nd

Melissa Dunson 2nd       Wayne Enloe 3rd

50+                                 38 mile Women

Rita Rhyne 1st                18-39

Linda Pedigo 2nd           P.J Cardona 1st

22 mile                           Mandy Sedden 2nd

under 18 men                 40-49

Carter Halencak 1st       Amanda Scott 1st

18-39                              Treva Collins 2nd

kyle Cannaday 1st         Kimberly Onstott 3rd

40-49                              50+

John Oswald 1st            Michelle Allison 1st

50+                                Julie Brock 2nd

Jeffery Schulz 1st         Joanie Rogers 3rd

Steve Rikard 2nd.          62 Mile Men

60+                                Under 18

Bobby Rowland 1st       Josh Martinez 1st

Don Hemry 2nd              18-39

Gene Maples 3rd           Aaron McDaniel 1st

22 mile                          Loren Sharp 2nd

Women under 18           Bradley Herbert & Geoff

Rebecca Oswald 1st      Hall 3rd

18-39                             40-49

Jennifer Cannaday 1st   Greg Stacker 1st

40-49                              Michael Majors 2nd

Carol Taylor 1st              Darrren Dailey 3rd 

Jaquita Warnock 2nd     50-59

50+                                 Ron Smith 1st

Debbie Rowland 1st      George Schutz 2nd

Melissa Wilson 2nd        Dale Vis 3rd

Peggy Foix 3rd              60+

                                       Kim Barnes 1st

                                      Steve Dowhower 2nd

                                      62 Mile Woman

                                     Under 18

                                     Melanie Montgomery 1st


                                     Victoria Boye 1st

                                     Magen Moore 2nd


                                     Kim Rogalski 1st

                                     Michelle Smith 2nd


                                     Dayna Dixon 1st

                                     Sheryl Dixon 2nd

                                     Sherri Dowhower 3rd.