Vernon Jaycees


Vernon is a small town in North Texas.

Population 12000.We are located 150miles west of Dallas just off HWY

                           Bike Ride

    This is the 23nd year of the                     bike ride

Bike ride starts at 7:30am 18th August 2018


Registration;- Fri August 17th 2018  6pm-7pm


Sat August 18th 2018  6am - 7.15am

4 Tours Routes,100k,38mile,22 miles,12 miles.

The start/finish is from the Vernon College car park.

To register

Contact Paul Mason,940-553-4494 (email


Rick Graf, 940-839-9200


To register online click on link in the menu bar or

the QR code below.









Jaycee Creed

We believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws rather than of men;

That earth s great treasure lies in human personality;

And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

Vernon Burnin' Bike Ride Results:-

12 Mile Women's            12 Mile Men's

Under 18                         Under 18

1st Trista Lawson.           1st Carson Graf

                                        2nd  Cameron Streit

40-49                              18-39

1st Melanie Graf              1st Darren Streit


50+                                 1st Jerry Allen

1st Rita Rhymes              2nd Don Hemry

2nd Patricia Downs         3rd John Downs

3rd Sandra G

22 Mile Women's           22 Mile Men's

Under 18                        Under 18

1st Drue Dillard              1st Carter Halencak

2nd Lelia Dillard              40-49

18-39                             1st Rodney Delarosa

1st Shelby Andrus,         50+

2nd Erin Dillard               1st Richard Dorsey

40-49                              2nd John Trainham

1st Rhonda Otto             3rd Richard DeCampe

50+                                60+

1st Kathy Gaynor           1st Gary Ferguson

2nd Cheryl Whalen        2nd Tandy Whitehead

3rd Terri McCormick.       3rd Bob Bagget.

38 Mile Women               38 Mile men's

Under 18                        18-39

1st Katy Piper                 1st Brian Burrow

2nd Grace Giblet            2nd Chase Fairly

18-39                             3rd Abraham Montaluo

1st Elizabeth Wamlde     40-49

2nd Shonda Lawson       1st Cody Beckner

3rd Ambre Pieson            2nd Trevor Deweele

40-49                               3rd Randy Kendrix

1st Shely Starr                50+

2nd Nicki Streit                1st Gerrid Kendrix

3rd Amy Bryn                   2nd Gerald R.   

50+                                  3rd Brad Wenle

1st Paula Roberson         60+

2nd Jana Rey                  1st Dave Shultz

3rd Amanda Scott.          2nd Maurice Massie

                                       3rd Robert Maples

62 Mile Women's            62 Mile Men's

Under 18                          Under 18

1st Melanie Montgomery   1st Will Beam

18-39                                2nd Reid Hutchins

1st Sheena Medshget       18-39

                                         1st Aaron McDaniel

2nd Katelyn Magruder      2nd Caleb Fairly

40-49                               3rd Bradley Herbert

1st Lisa McBride               40-49

50+                                  1st Jason Perkins

1st Helena DryBurg          2nd Geoff Hall, (tandem)

2nd Sheryl Dixon              3rd Emanual Jans

3rd Michelle Allison.          4th Jerrod Pepper


                                        1st George Shultz

                                         2nd Robert Smith

                                        3rd Ron Smith


                                        1st Danny Foix

                                        2nd David Bedingfield

                                        3rd Larry Rousseau.